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When your work is done

When you are done with your work on the cluster system and possibly leave the LUH, it would be nice if you did a few things before you go, to help others get a lightweight system that does not lug around old data:

  1. clean up your directories:
    1. $BIGWORK — where most of the stuff should reside, to make room for the next generation
    2. $HOME — to allow the backup of others to run quicker
    3. your subdirectories in $PROJECT — in case you have no successor who could use the data, to reduce the quota occupied for your colleagues
    4. possibly $SOFTWARE — in case you installed stuff here that your colleagues don't need any more
  2. have your project management (at your institute) delete your user account

That's it.

Farewell, live long and prosper, and may your computations always run stable and be as precise as Heisenberg and IEEE794 allow. Thanks for being with us. :-)

Your Cluster Team

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