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Contact & Help

Need help running your job on the cluster? Need a question answered about a particular tool or cluster resources?

→ Please contact the cluster team at using the email address associated with your cluster account.

However, please read this documentation first. If you find the documentation lacking something, let us know so we can update and improve it.

Whenever you have a question, please provide the following information:

  • Your username (nh…)
  • NEVER send us your password. We do not need it. Sending your password will lead to your account being locked.
  • Job ID(s)
  • Details known about the problem, e.g. what hostname did the problem occur on? How did you execute command(s) that caused the problem?
  • The time something happened - be precise if you can
  • The batch script (as an attachment or - even better - its location on the cluster)
  • Output from the program, if available, like myjob.o12345 (as an attachment or - even better - its location on the cluster)
  • Your own workstation's OS for questions that might be related to that - how do you access the cluster? Weblogin? PuTTY? X2Go? SSH?
  • Screenshots help, but consider doing copy&paste for plain text
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