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Contact & Help

Need help running your job on the cluster? Need a question answered about a particular tool or cluster resources?

→ Please contact the cluster team at using the email address associated with your cluster account.

However, please read this documentation first. If you find the documentation lacking something, let us know so we can update and improve it.

Whenever you have a question, please try to help us help you by providing the following information:

  • Your username (nh…), Job ID(s) and locations on the system (directories, hostnames etc.)
  • NEVER send us your password. We do not need it. Sending your password will lead to your account being locked.
  • Details known about the problem, e.g.
    • what command(s) in what sequence lead to the problem?
    • the time something happened; be precise if you can: log files are big and sometimes there are 1000 entries every minute
    • the batch script (as an attachment or - even better - its location on the cluster)
    • output from the program, if available, like myjob.o12345 and myjob.e12345 (as an attachment or - even better - its location on the cluster)
    • what is unusual or unexpected in the output files you already have?
    • what did you already try to solve the problem? Have you checked your quota (use the command checkquota)?
  • For questions related to file transfers or graphical logins: how do you access the cluster? Weblogin? PuTTY? X2Go? SSH? What is your workstation's OS?
  • Screenshots help, but consider doing copy&paste for plain text for textual information

Some frequently asked questions

I can not connect to the cluster! OR

Upload of file fails → First check if you can connect to the cluster from a shell (command line) via ssh. If that succeeds, but you are denied login graphically via X2Go, chances are high that you are over your quota (maximum disk space allocation) in the HOME directory and/or your grace period has expired. Use the command “checkquota” on the command line to verify this. Delete/Move files from within the ssh shell to get below your quota limits in HOME and then try again.

When trying to connect to the cluster, I get: “Missing font family helvetica, OpenGL might have problems on this machine” → You are probably using X2Go, and you did not check the “Full Installation” checkmark. Please reinstall X2Go and make sure all fonts are installed.

I get a message about the (external) email adress I use to get status mails about my jobs → Sending lots of very similar mail to external freemail providers leads to the Domain being blocked by those sites, which in turn leads to almost nobody external reveiving mail from LUH accounts or machines any more. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to use your institute's email account (the one ending in, and we also ask you to NOT setup an automatic forward to a Google, GMX or similar external freemailer account.

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